Nursery Decor & Colour Schemes

Decorating your first nursery – so exciting! So many things to decide, so many options to choose from! There’s the furniture, the accessories, all the bedding, curtains, rugs and much more! The category that excites us the most is nursery decor & accessories – all the wall art, nursery garlands, bedding, cushions, music mobiles and much more đŸ™‚

During the ‘nesting phase’, it’s only natural for expecting parents to get right into compiling lists of things they need for the nursery, the baby, the house and even the car!

Before you get all carried away and buy everything you can possibly think of, just take a minute to think this through. To keep things clean and simple think about what are the main colours you want to use in the nursery. By choosing a couple of colours to stick with you can always be sure that even when things get overwhelming at the shops, you know what theme you are after – this will make shopping a lot easier.

Decided on the colour scheme, you are now ready to get your basics – your furniture and soft furnishings such as rugs and curtains. Once that’s all done, you can finally get into the best bit: buying all the cute accessories & decor such as garlands, music mobiles, buntings, wall art and more.

An adorable selection of Nursery decor can be found at Nordlife – beautiful & playful desings make decorating your nursery so much easier. Here you can find baby bedding, wall prints, wall stickers, music mobiles, blankets, cushions, muslins, cot canopies and much much more. Most of the colours used in the nursery decor items have been made to match one another perfectly.